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English V Blog….French one posting next. If you understand both languages, watch both since I don’t answer the same questions.



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Xcitement Interview…


It was a great interview but I feel the need to correct a few mistakes that make me look like a moron.

Pretty sure I said that yes, I am always on time and tardiness is a pet peeve because it is.

I also added that while Gibraltar is a British Colony it is across Spain, and both languages are spoken there.

I obviously said that I grew up in Texas because I did-moved here when I was 4.

I did NOT say that there was a decent French community because of the International school but rather because of the oil and gas industry-but yes I did mention the International school…I went to it.

Yoga scene was with Janessa Jordan and Kendra Lust for our sites

I go to the clearance rack at the Department store not drug store lol

and at AVN I couldn’t or wouldn’t have taken my shoes off because I was wearing a short dress

I also mentioned at least half a dozen girls I wanted to work with but I guess more importnaly y’all tell me who you want to see me with!

The AVN nominated group sex scene also included Vanilla Deville

Here is the Interview



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Anal Threesome for @Brazzers

With @AnissaKate and @KeiranLee and it was so hot-creampie and all…but you’ll just have to wait and see who got it and who licked it up #goodtimes…PS it’s for Real Wife Stories.

I totally suck and didn’t take any BTS pics so the bottom two pics above are @XMelissaMakeupx pics the one above is Anissa and I at sushi after the scene.

I will be doing a Vblog soon, so keep asking me those questions on Twitter

Yes I have a Wishlist and of course, I gift back…autographed pics, personalized fan signs/pics, signed dvds, panties, cam sessions and even web site memberships



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Super hot threesome for @PornPros and AVN Noms!

Yep that’s right, I shot a threesome for @PornPros with their lovely contract girl @HMHollYMichaels and Danny Mountain. I love working with Danny and this was my first time working with Holly and I am a fan now, just like everyone else. Not only does she love what she do, is super hot but she is down to earth and super nice too! It’s Always fun working with girls that actually like girls…luckily it’s been a while since I’ve had to work with a crappy gay for pay chick but anyways this scene was hot and you guys better love it…plus it’s the first time I’ve ever done a creampie on cam. A lot of you asked and I knw I said Never but hey a girl can change her mind right. We all think this scene may be a little more “dirty” than “passionate” but hopefully the PureMature fans will still love it!



PS check out my latest exclusive boy girl Video here!

PPS AVN NOMS were announced like super late last night, and I would like to thank everyone at AVN for nominating me, it’s an honor :D

-Milf performer of the year

and Best group sex scene-office 4play! with Francesca Lee, Vanilla Deville, Veronica Avluv, Keiran Kee, and of course me-yeyyyyyy!

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Hot yoga

I shot an awesome girl girl girl scene for TheAvaAddams.com with @KendraLust and @JanessaJordan

So @MrBillFox thought we should do a yoga theme and well you guys know I love yoga, so I was thrilled. I played the naughty yoga instructor and they were my students and we tested out the naked yoga trend. Oh and I, of course, brought my Hitachi to class ;) Many orgasms where had by all-yeyyyy! look for the update on my site soon!



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Shot for Kink finally…Live Cam Show Today!

Flew into LA around 11:30 pm and for once got to sleep in the next day…this is a rarity for me. The next morning I shot for Kink and I must admit, I was very apprehensive to even accept the booking. I have heard from girls they either love or hate kink. More seem happy with their experience than not, but the ones that hated it made it sound so awful. But if there’s one think I’ve realized in porn, you shouldn’t base who you do or do not work with on someone else’s opinion because well lets face it comfort levels, turn ons and turn offs etc…all come in to play. So I accepted the shoot then my agent said “Gangbang” and I quickly said “Nope nevermind don’t want to do it.” The next thing I heard was “What if it’s a mini with just 3 guys and you get to pick the guys?” I thought about it, and then thought hmmmm this could actually be super hot, and told him yes.” For 2 weeks I literally went back and forth debating whether this was the right scene for me while deciding which guys to use. James Deen was a no brainer…but then you have to think for this sort of thing, yes I need to trust the guys and like them but they also have to work well together and like this sort of shoot, because it’s not for everyone…I like working with Ramon and him and James work well together so there we go I had 2 picked. I happened to be shooting with Danny Mountain while I was debating guy number three and the shoot came up and he said He wanted to do it. I love working with Danny and we get along great but we always do more passionate scenes so he hadn’t even crossed my mind but right then and there I decided that sounded perfect. So I had chosen 3 guys I adore working with and completely trust. That last bit, being that I was already nervous was very important to me to be honest. Yes, I put a lot of thought into this shoot. So back to the shoot…wake up, stbx fix, shower head to the studio. Got to see some friendly faces that happened to be shooting in the vicinity. And then make up and hair. I’m not sure how much I am allowed to discuss without ruining the element of surprise so I will just say that I was excited when I got there, got a little nervous before the scene and then finally relaxed and had an amazing experience. The guys were awesome and Princess Donna and her crew rock! Its nice having a director that knows exactly what you are going through because she has been in your shoes. She is super nice and made me feel really comfortable and hopefully I will work with her again. So, yes, I had an awesome experience with Kink and would gladly shoot for them again. I’m not sure the name of the site but I believe it is a new one.

 I planned on taking more BTS pics but I didn’t ;/ but I know both @JamesDeen and @PrincesDonna did, she took the 3rd picture PS those lasts pics are proof that Arnica pills and gel work…my boobies were pretty bruised after the shoot but oddly enough I am not as sore as I thought I’d be…just a lil stiff neck and shoulders and my head hurts a bit from my hair being pulled so all in all not too bad :) and yes, the pic above my boobie ones are post gang bang-not so glam anymore lol

Also I am doing an hour long Cam show Live Today 4-5 PST which will be FREE for Members of TheAvaAddams.com it’s not too late to join the site, plus an exclusive boy girl updates is up this week!

Or you can pay for the show here, but joining is your best option because you get access to the Entire Brand Danger Network!



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New Scenes and stuff…

So how many of my fellow friends are in total Thanksgiving day after food comas…I know I am! You should burn off some calories masturbating to my latest scenes ;) Only 25/30 calories per 20 mins so do it over and over…to my scenes of course!

Today my latest scene for @Brazzers came out called ZZ Home. It was a fun scene to shoot, we could not keep a straight face during dialogue, and the sex was so good I have one shoe on and one shoe off for a while. Also if you want to play a drinking game while watching your porn, I suggest taking a shot every time I cum watching this scene…you will get drunk lol.

My official website TheAvaAddams.com is updated 3 times a week and has some fun updates this week including a rebroadcast of my shows with Vanilla Deville, next week a hot boy girl with Keni Styles coming at ya!

Also several of you have asked me to talk French in my scenes: I highly suggest you check out Bra Busters 3 JJV and Raw 12, I am getting amazing feed back from both scenes! Another one people are loving seems to be Elegant Angel’s DP Fanatics 2…so check those out if you haven’t already.

I will be in LA next week shooting a few scenes, then taking a break till February, besides AVN Expo…I will be signing there for 3 days :D