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quickie LA…

I went to LA for literally just over 2 days just to shoot Jesse Jane’s Stepsisters movie for Digital Playground so it was exhausting but fun! Jesse is one of the nicest and funniest girls you will meet, and I worked-well did dialogue with a new girl Natalia Star, who is super cute, sweet, and high energy…oh and she has awesome natural boobs! Everyone that works for Digital rocks! They are all super nice and it’s always a pleasure to be on one of their sets…even if it can be a lot of sitting around at times. Plus the catering is Amazing, and I love food :D I flew in Friday for dialogue, we were supposed to do tons of dialogue but somehow I only did one scene and pretty much sat around all day. No sex days are usually frustrating because well you get no sex and it seems like everyonne else has sex scenes that day but you! Thankfully James Deen was on set so I was entertained and got sex on a no sex day-yeyyy love him! So after work I went and had sushi with Anisa Kate, who happens to be super sweet and super hot and we finally get to get it on together next month for your viewing pleasure for Brazzers-and y’all can thank Kieran Lee for that one! So I got some sleep, woke up earlier than I needed to be and could not go back to sleep which always sucks…Went to Starbucks and back to set…today was more dialogue-lots of dialogue but whatever because it was also a sex scene day :D This movie is hilarious-trust me! Back to the sex because really that’s all you people care about…Tommy Gunn and I are single parents who decide to move in together and obviously we get it on in the movie. Tommy is hilarious and had all of us cracking up and he’s good at sex too so it was a good day :D I have new scenes for Brazzers coming at you and of course my official site! I’m shooting for Kink for the very first time at the end of the month and I am super excited about that :D I’ve been debating shooting for them for a while now but I think it’s time…

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New scenes coming at ya….

So I was in LA, then Vegas, then back to LA, then back to Vegas all in 1 week to shoot some porn for your viewing pleasure…

I shot 3 new scenes for @Brazzers and also participated in the Live Halloween show, if you didn’t get to see it, it’s on repeat now. I also shot a fun little thing for a game app-coming to a cell phone near you ;) I also shot 2 new boy girl scenes, 1 girl girl and several hot solos for my official site 

I never know what all I am allowed to talk about my scenes but besides the content for my site-lots of anal coming at ya!

I flew in to LA late friday and went straight to work Sat to shoot for Just Dave, we had a blast and it was a kick ass scene [and yes, it’s anal]!

sunday I shot 2 scenes for my site: a super hot girl girl with Kendra Lust, and an awesome boy girl scene with Tony Martinez. They’re both awesome and it was a pleasure to work with both of them. The next day I had to be up way earlier than I like to be so I could fly to Vegas to shoot a scene that I know I am not allowed to talk about…this one is going to be epic folks-trust me! The next day was ZZ live and if you don’t know by now, those are insane-the good kind ;) My only complaint, not enough cock to go around. I mean with 4 girls and 3 cocks-you do the math, and then they want DP’s on top of that. Don’t get me wrong, I still had a blast! The following day I was back in LA to shoot for that game app, it was quick, easy and fun so after that I headed over to Bill Fox’s studio to shoot another hot scene for my site, this time with Keni Styles who is also awesome in case you were wondering. The next day I took it easy,and shot all solos for my site, including my Xmas update [and you will be able to purchase the outfit at puritybids.com when it’s released] Speaking of Lingerie, set clothes etc…Purity Bids is the ONLY place to get my stuff, and it always comes with personalized autographed pics. Now if you want personal panties, email me AvaAddams@yahoo.com. Please stop sensing me emails about escorting, don’t do it, not interested, and yes, I tend to ignore those emails. Anyway back to porn…my last shoot was back in Vegas for ZZ and it was anal with James Deen so you know that’s going to be beyond hot! Apparently we’re really good at sex together, or at least we like to think we are-love him! And that’s a wrap on October shoots. I fly to LA the 1st to shoot a movie for Digital Playground, and after that no shoots until the end of the month.



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Well this time next week I will be shooting a kick ass scene…yes I’m teasing y’all again because that’s all I can really say for now. So to make it up for you here are some more pics that Dezert Images took he rocks! So I have to go test at CET today…supposed to be on a mini family vacay but I have to leave late because I have to drive like 3 hours [to and from] just to go to the only CET remotely near me…kind of blows when TTS is everywhere…oh well, I don’t really have a choice on this one but CET please get it together and get draw stations in my city limits, I mean H-town is a major city, yet you have me going to the boonies…ok rant over, the shoots will be worth it this I know but I still wanted to bitch. I wonder how many of y’all actually read any of this lol. Happy Monday y’all



PS go check this out and join now because you will see LIVE filming for it this Sunday!

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@dezertimagez took all these awesome pics and he rocks! It was a fun day of shooting in Phoenix :D Have a wonderful week-end!



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Members show and Shoots…

I will be doing a Live 1 hour show for my members Today at 3:30 PM central time. So yes, that is free for members of my Official site or you can just pay to see the show here but really, joining would be smarter and more cost efficient, since I will be doing 4 shows a month plus live BTS of when I shoot for the site. Members show will not always be on the same day or time. I will switch it up some days, some evenings, some weekdays, some week-ends…and all will be recorded for playback.

Also I will be in Elegant Angel’s DP Fanatics 2 and I m beyond thrilled. I love that company, they put out quality porn and always have excellent talent. I shot my scene with Mick Blue and Mike Steffano. And a lot of you, including my co-stars don’t believe this is my 2nd DP lol. I swear 2nd ever on or off camera…bu certainly not the last. I heart DP’s-they’re fun!

I will also be on the Halloween edition of Brazzers Live-fuck yeah! Halloween is my favorite holiday and this is going to be super fun!

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Until we meet again LA…

So I’m not exactly what all I can blog about because some of my shoots I can’t really talk about…1st things first, I can talk about my shoots for my site

I shot some solo love, a super hot ggg with Sarah Vendella and Aleksa Nicole-we had some much fun and I brought my hitachi ;) We also shot a 3 way BJ! and I shot a dirty, hot anal scene with James Deen

I shot some cat fight boob fetish stuff for Napoli Video with Cindy Pucci, she is really sweet.

I also shot a hot scene with Danny Mountain not sure if I’m allowed to discuss that and yes, I did shoot another DP and it was fucking amazing! Sorry again no sure what all I can say.

by the time you’ll be reading this I’ll already be heading back to Texas but don’t worry folks back to shooting porn in Oct